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An Idea was born

After placing top 5 at the Intel International Science Fair, Michael Nyberg was rewarded with a tour of the Daimler Chrysler Acoustic Laboratories. Intrigued he desired to make it to the science fair again with a project focused on acoustics.
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Michael began his testing on larvae harvested from buckets in the backyard, dialing up the frequencies in a process of trial and error.
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Return to International Science Fair

Michael once again returned to the Intel International Science Fair and claimed 2nd place in the Environmental Science Division. Soon thereafter, a patent for Acoustic Larvicide was applied for, and later issued in October 2001.
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NMI Debuts the Larvasonic© Field Arm

After years of development, New Mountain released its much anticipated Field Arm.
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Today at New Mountain Innovations we have optimized the Larvasonic© product line. Offering more powerful, efficient and effective products for a variety of applications. We have expanded other areas of our business to include ultrasonic weather sensors, as well as specialized transducer building and testing capabilities.
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CNN Interview

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