Sirenix Mosquito Control System: Pesticide Free Mosquito Control
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Sirenix Mosquito Control System


The Sirenix Mosquito Control System is a set and forget, pesticide free approach to control mosquitoes by interrupting their natural life cycle.  The unique design has seven natural attractants to lure pregnant mosquitoes to lay her eggs(up to 500 eggs at a time) and our patented Larvasoni ® acoustic larvicide technology kills the hatched larvae by putting sound into the water resonating its internal gas and literally blows up the larvae. Watch high speed video here. short rupture

Natural rain water fills the tank after you initially fill it. Shaped like a car tire, it has shade all times of day and provides an excellent environment for her.  The large visible water area is the strongest attractant. At twilight blue LED lights flash in sequence mimicking movement of live animals where both are attractive. The black and white design looks like movement as well and attracts.  In a short time the water as well as the hatched larvae give off an aroma attractive to the pregnant female. By killing the 500 hatched larvae from one female and the numerous other larvae from others in a few short weeks the flying female mosquito population will begin to decline.  click here for a detailed video of operations



Independent Studies Recommend Three units  for an average size yard (1/4 acre)

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Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in