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SIRENIX(t) mosquito control system represents over 15 years of researching mosquito larvae physiology and behavior to give you a maintenance free and environmentally friendly method to control mosquitoes. We have joined the revolutionary Larvasonic® technology with multiple natural attractants to lure pregnant (gravid) female mosquitoes ready to lay her eggs. Once the eggs are deposited in our system the unique Larvasonic® acoustic energy kills the offspring, ending the lifecycle and reducing adult mosquito populations.

Gravid female mosquitoes are naturally searching for the ideal place to lay her eggs.  Her primary attractant is water, she can both see and smell the water in the SIRENIX(t).  Many like a shady area such as typically found in abandoned tires, the SIRENIX(t) geometry gives shade spot at all times of daylight.  Certain colors and patterns also are attractive, black and white striped design attracts daylight fliers and our BLUE/UV led cycling light attracts by both the wavelength and the illusion of motion.

Once the eggs hatch into larvae they become susceptible to acoustic energy that is emitted into the water by the transducer.  This acoustic energy vibrates the gas within the larvae causing it to rupture internal organs and instantly kills larvae.

Combined natural attractants with pesticide free acoustic larvicide gives you a truly set-and-forget, effective and environmentally safe method of mosquito control.

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